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Physical Therapy requires an advanced degree to provide the best treatment.
At Advanced Motion Rehabilitation, our primary physical therapist and owner has a doctoral degree in physical therapy. This is the highest degree you can attain. Physical therapy may include:

1.) Multiple types of exercises to:
            * Strengthen
            * Stretch
            * Increase your endurance
            * Improve balance

​ 2.) Manual therapy (performed by the physical therapist) including:
​            * Massage
​            * Stretch
​            * Mobilize joints to help relieve pain

​3.) Modalities if needed including:
​            * cold/hot packs
​            * Electrical Stimulation

​4.) Provide gait training to improve ability to walk again with the least restrictive assistive device as possible.

​Below is a list of commonly treated diagnoses that we treat often. If you do not see your ailment, please contact the facility.

We can treat the entire body from the neck, back, shoulder, entire arm and hand, core, hip, pelvis, knee, ankle, and foot. Our highly trained physical therapist has had experience with pediatric patients as young as 2 weeks old to elderly geriatric patients as old as 97 years old. Commonly treated diagnoses including:

          * Neck Pain
          * Back Pain
          * Rotator Cuff Tear/Strain

          * Shoulder Impingement
          * Adhesive Capsulitis or Frozen Shoulder
          * Shoulder Dislocation
          * Shoulder Osteoarthritis
          * Bicep Tendonitis

          * Lateral Epicondylitis
          * Forearm, Wrist, and hand pain/strain
          * Bursitis of any joint
          * Piriformis Syndrome
          * SI Joint Dysfunction/Pain
          * Hip Pain
          * Groin Pull
          * Hamstring Strain
          * Hip Osteoarthritis
          * Hip Flexor Strain
          * Patello-femoral Syndrome
          * Amputations
          * Knee Osteoarthritis
          * Knee strain/sprain
          * Knee ligament strain or tear -

                 ACL, Meniscus, PCL, LCL, MCL
          * Gastroc Strain
          * Shin splints
          * Ankle Sprains or injuries
          * Sports Related Injuries
          * Torticollis
          * Developmental Delay
          * Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
          * Tight Heel Cords
          * Musculosckeletal Injuries
          * Plantar Fasciitis
          * Fractures
          * Osteoporosis

Our physical therapist is trained to evaluate and treat your individualized problem.


We excel at treating neurological conditions. Commonly treated diagnoses include:

          * Stroke
          * Traumatic brain injury
          * Brain Tumors
          * Multiple sclerosis
          * Parkinson's Disease
          * Cerebral Palsy

Work Related Injuries & Motor Vehicle Accidents​

Getting hurt is difficult, we have the experience to get you back to your normal life again after a work related injury or motor vehicle accident. ​​

Have you been hospitalized or sick and have become weak. We can get help you get back on your feet in no time. ​​
Pain ​

It is overwhelming to deal with pain. Our trained physical therapist will help you begin moving again and teach you methods on how to reduce pain.
Post Surgical Rehabilitation​

Our trained physical therapist is well versed in many post surgical diagnoses and protocols. Commonly treated post surgical diagnoses include:

          * Rotator cuff surgery
          * Labral tear surgery
          * Open Reduction Internal Fixation (ORIF)

                   from fracture 
          * Cervical and/or lumbar fusions
          * Orthoscopic surgeries for any body part
          * Total joint replacement - shoulder, hip,

                   knee, ankle
          * Knee or any joint ligament


"You deserve to do this for yourself. Let us help you get back to living again!"

                                ~ Dr. Jenna D. Klenieski, PT, DPT

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