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​​​Vestibular rehabilitation (also known as vestibular therapy) is a type of physical therapy that requires specialized training. Only a certified vestibular therapist should provide these services. ​​


​Vestibular System

At AMR, we have an experienced certified vestibular therapist that offers vestibular therapy for the treatment of multiple diagnoses.

​Below is a list of common vestibular diagnoses that we are experienced in treating. If you do not see the diagnosis you are looking for, please contact our facility to see if we can treat it.


Symptoms that we treat can include, but not limited to lightheadedness, unsteadiness, or room spinning. Diagnoses can include:

                 * Benign Paroxysmal Positional
                 * Neuritis
                 * Labrynthitis
                 * Unilateral or Bilateral Vestibular
                 * Vestibular Migraines
                 * Meniere’s Disease
                 * Cerebellum Strokes
                 * Motor Vehicle Accident
                 * Chronic Dizziness
                 * Acoustic Neuroma
                 * Arnold Chiara Malformation
                 * Motion Sensitivity
                 * Cervical Dizziness
                 * Dizzy/Giddy

No matter your age, you should not be dizzy. Our vestibular therapist is trained to evaluate and treat dizziness so you can return to normal again.

Concussions/Traumatic Brain Injuries

Symptoms that we treat can include, but not limited to:​​

                * Headache
                * Fogginess
                * Difficulty concentrating
                * Unsteadiness
                * Sensitivity to light or sound
                * Difficulty sleeping
                * Fatigue
                * Convergence disorder or


We can treat any age, whether its from sports related injury, fall, work related or motor vehicle accident, our vestibular therapist has years of experience.

History of Falls/Fear falling

Symptom that we treat can include, but not limited to:

          * Previous falls (complete falls or near
          * Risk of falling in the future
          * A fear of falling
          * Decreased activity

We want to make you feel confident again in yourself. Our trained vestibular therapist will guide you to independence.

Decreased Balance / Abnormality of Gait

Symptoms that we treat can include, but not limited to
            * Unsteadiness with getting up
            * Motion sensitivity with
            * Unsteadiness while walking,
            * A need for an evaluation for an
assistive device (ie a cane or rolling walker)

Our vestibular therapist loves balance and will challenge your balance system in sitting, standing, and walking.

​​"Our mission is to provide you quality service so you will make us your primary physical therapists for your entire life."

                               ~ Dr. Jenna Klenieski, PT, DPT, Owner